MOMS is a group composed of three Artists, two Icelanders named Mundi and Morri and an American named Schuyler Jack Maehl. Mundi and Morri enrolled in the the icelandic academy of the arts in August 2005. In October they met Schuyler through a fellow student. Soon after Schuyler arrived in Iceland he became an apprentice to Odd Nerdrum, who lived and worked in reykjavik at the time. Mundi , Morri and Schuyler worked together on various projects after the New Year including a recording session in an abandoned US army location in Iceland.

In June 2006 MOMS was invited to participate in an exhibition and performance by the Austrian Artist group Geletin in Gallery Kling&Bang. The performance was a success. Afterwards Geletin and MOMS decided to collaborate on a book about the performance.

In the beginning of the year 2007 MOMS traveled with geletin to New York to have a "Bunter Abend" at Deitch Projects following the Jason Schmidt book premier, "Artists".

In June 2007 MOMS travellred with Geletin and friends to Venice, Italy to participate in the "Hamsterwheel" at the Arsenal. MOMS tried to help Geletin build a gigantic tree Sculpture. However, they soon started on to think only of themselves and built a MOMS boat. This is how the performance "Hvar er "Skiperinn" came to be. In the summer of 2007 Schuyler returned to America while Mundi and Mori stayed in Iceland.

Mundi and Morri took part in the preperation and organisation of an art event called DIONYSIA in winter 2006-2007 with only a few other artists. The plan was to send young Reykjavik based artists to the countryside, for ten days in july, to work with inhabitants of icelands least populated towns. The intention was to break down boundaries between two very different groups of people, young artsy kids and country folks. Mundi and Morri also wanted to participate in DIONISIA and travelled to grundarfjordur with three of there friends to begin building a Pizza Place. Vina-Pizza opened two days later and curious pizza hungry locals came out to visit. Mundi and Morri were responsable for most of the graphic design of DIONISIA.

Mundi and Morri organized the "Brakari" exhibition with four other Artists during the L.U.N.G.A. young Arts festival at Art town, Seydisfjordur. There Mundi and Morri exhibited MOMS - Overkill Drawings. In late August, Mundi did one of the most flambouyant fashion shows in Icelandic history when he introduced his latest collection of Mundi Design. Morri , amongst loads of Mundis friends, helped to make it a successful evening. Mundi's fashion design will be on display at Paris Fashion Week in October, the same week MOMS will be in Ireland.