There is an elegant structure that permeates throughout the world, from the microscopic, to the universal. The way light describes space, time of day and the specificity of location, becomes a fascinating arrangement of information. By balancing the particularities of individual objects in relation to the whole, I recreate the harmony that I observe.
My paintings operate as self-portraits. How and what I paint is a search to discover how I fit into the world. The answers are not physically present as objects, but in relationships. Objects in the painting make sense by their relativity to the composition, thus losing their literal meaning and operating as metaphors as to how an individual functions as part of the whole.
Visual paths, as well as vacancy of a place encourage me to become curious and travel through the space by observation. By looking at locations at particular times of day, as well as devoid of people, I create a sense of mystery for myself, making me want to investigate the uniqueness of that space at that time.
The search is not about finding absolute answers, but immersing myself in the investigative process. Studying relationships can lead to answers I never thought to ask. I feel the more I study the world in which I live, in quiet contemplation, the closer I can come to understanding my relation to the whole. There is a deeper level of truth than immediate surface reality, and through objective study of the physical, I attempt to understand the subjective metaphysical. The process of looking and studying is a journey of self-discovery.

Paul LaJeunesse

Ink on canvas Ink on canvas  60 x 22 Ink on canvas 33.5 x 23.5 Ink on masonite  24 x 12 Ink on masonite  24 x 36