Lost Horse Gallery - Saga of the wandering Eye
- Lost Horse Gallery began in Reykjavik in the late summer of 2007.
It began as a project to utilize an old horse stable building in the city center of Reykjavik. After about two months of ressurection , the dilapidated building turned into my studio with an adjoining space that functioned as a gallery. The gallery was initiated as an experiment to exhibit work, connect with local artists and provide an open space for developing ideas. It was not till the late summer of 2008 materialized a website dedicated to Lost Horse Gallery.
- The web presence facilitated the developing archive of events and exhibitions. The need to professionalize was apparent. Many inquiries for help by visiting artists for exhibiting in Reykjavik came in. A search began for ways to facilitate these requests and the scope of Lost Horse Galleries initiatives broadened.
- As Iceland was hit by the financial crisis in late 2008 the building changed ownership and was taken over by the banks, the gallery was forced to move in June 2009. At the same time in early 2009 the gallery started to build a stronger network of support through a couple different exhibition initiatives. Lost Horse Gallery began two projects, one with the U.S. Embassy in Reykjavik, exhibiting emerging American artist Matt James, and the other a co-sponsored collaboration grant with the Nordic House in Reykjavik and Kulture Kontact Norden, exhibiting a group of nordic artists at the Sequences Art festival in October 2009.(Made Up and Let Down) A successful series of exhibitions were produced thanks to support of these grants. As the financial crisis became more stifling in Iceland, local support for the gallery projects became much harder to attain and Zaklynsky focused on developing his own work and focus on various project initiatives, applications for residencies and exhibitions abroad.
- Lost Horse Gallery reopened in the summer of 2010.(http://losthorse.is/LHnlweb.pdf) In the summer of 2010 Lost Horse Gallery transformed into its current incarnation as Lost Horse Ehf, An art production, fabrication and design company based in Reykjavik. At this time Lost Horse Gallery began working in the Remake Program as well as three other initiatives based in Cyprus , Ukraine and Poland. With the little funds generated from art sales and small sponsorships Zaklynsky was able to exhibit his works and present the gallery projects in Ukraine at the Media Depot Festival in August 2010, at the Europes Culture Festival in Barcelona in October 2010 invited by Sant Andreu Contemporani and Cyprislandia in Nicosia, Cyprus, in February 2011, sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and Education of Cyprus. These initiatives where co-sponsored by the collaborating partners and would not have been possible without there support.
- Lost Horse started as an experiment in building an exhibition space for developing a larger network of collaborators. This ultimatly developed into an initiative to build international exchange projects and exhibitions. Ultimately the experiment was a success as it fostered an exposure of associated artists resulting in participation in various exhibitions and programs outside of Iceland. Lost Horse does run outside of its Reykjavik local and developes some interesting experiences. The Future is uncertain for Lost Horse Gallery but there are projects developing and new galleries will be found in the near future. Where? Who Knows!