The Lost Horse Gallery proposes a site specific Art installation at the old Sirkus grounds on Klaparstigur. This Installation is an excersise in Urban Renewal. The Old Sirkus grounds are now considered a cultural landmark, being the space where, over the years, Icelandic and International artists have met and collaborated on creative and artistic expressions. The area in question holds a large space in the heart of Reykjavik's artists and musicians.

Artists that have commited to the production of this installation are as follows:

Joel Thurman , Alexander Zaklynsky , David Orn Haldorsson , Hugleikur Dagson
Alex Somers , Scott Alario , Marguerite Keyes , Theresa Himmer , Sara Riel
Anik Todd & Una Stigsdottir

The aim of the artists was to renew the Sirkus grounds into a colorful and inspiring outdoor
gathering space for the summer. At this time in Reykjavik there is so much transformation
taking place that the city experience is punctuated by potentials not yet realized. We aim
to bring our efforts to the Sirkus grounds and resuscitate its vibrant potential.